Student Group Presentations

For the closing session of the summer school students were asked to give a group presenation to highlight their learning from the week. This successful session saw the students give a range of excellent presenations which brought together the various aspects of end to end modelling presented to them during the course of the summer school. The lectueres were extremely impressed with the quality of presentation and awarded a number of prizes to the exemplary groups.

Group presentations:

Prize 1: GLOOM TO BLOOM: Why is the Eastern Baltic cod recovering? Louis du Buisson, Lucía López López, Yongjin Xiao
Prize 2: MEECE 2011: A journey through space and time. Ina Lorkowski, Elliot Sherman, Alexandre Forest, Ceren Guraslan
A changing ecosystem. Emanuela Fiori, Marion Fraysse, Heather Cannaby
What did we learn from the summer school? Colleen O’Brien, Valeria Ibello, Jan Taucher
Highlights, results and lessons learnedHighlights, results and lessons learned. Andrii Bagaiev, Benjamin Boteler, Emanuela Clementi
Environment sustainability question: The science to policy path. Alonso del Solar, Miranda Jones, Rosalie Fuchs
How MEECE made us better? Lionel Arteaga, Velı Çağlar Yumruktepe, Kate Mackey
Ecosystem Modeling Course Overview. Tal Ozer, Kyla Orr, Ekin Akoglu
Synthesis group presentation. Carie Hoover, Anne-Cecile Blaizot, Christian Lindemann