Lectures and Practicals

Lectures given during summer school

Please click on the links below to download presentations given during lecture sessions at the summer school

Biogeochemistry I: Susanne Neuer (Arizona State University)
Biogeochemistry II:
Susanne Neuer (Arizona State University)
Building a (simple) marine ecosystem model: Marco Zavatarelli (UNIBO)
Zooplankton modelling: Barış Salihoğlu
Coupled physical-biogeochemical models: Icarus Allen (PML)
The Quest for Ocean Eddies: Susanne Neuer (Arizona State University)
Ocean acidification, consequences for marine ecosystems and feedbacks to future change: Richard Bellerby (UiB)
Climate and Oceanic Change: Richard Bellerby (UiB)
End to end modelling: Eric Machu (IRD)
Higher trophic level modelling: Eric Machu (IRD)
Modelling in a Policy/management context: GerJan Piet (IMARES)
Towards ecosystem based management: GerJan Piet (IMARES)
Making the European fisheries ecosystem plan operational: GerJan Piet (IMARES)


Practical on mesoscale variability (S. Neuer)
Modelling from a practical point of view - requirements and exercises (K. Bolding, BB, Denmark)
A mixture of discussions of requirements for modelling (specific model objective, choice of model, input data etc.) and practical exercises.
End to End Modelling (J. Beecham, Cefas, UK)
Linking 2 models using metadata to describe the links and examining how fishing and climate interact by considering future climate and fishing scenarios.
Data Analysis practical (R. Bellerby, UiB, Norway)
Sensitity of parameter choice.
Proposal text interpretation
(Icarus Allen, PML, UK)
Aim was to get student’s to use the range of knowledge they have to interpret a call text on the impacts of anthropogenic impacts on ecosystem; for a project and come up with some suggestions as to what multi disciplinary approaches to addressing the key questions.
Writing for different audiences (J.Heard, PML, UK)
This session intend to give students a chance to summarise scientific results for a broad audience from a mixed background, aimed at helping in the future delivery of their science the wider user community. Working in groups students were asked to present the results of a selection of papers through two different formats; i) a ‘Research Highlight’ to be delivered published online targeted at interested general readers and ii) a ‘Fact Sheet’ which is a succinct double sided summary aimed at policy makers and managers and other interested users.