Student posters

Each student was asked to bring with them a poster higlight their recent scientific activities, be it their PhD work or a recent project they were involved with, the posters were presented to fellow students and lectureres over 2 evenign poster sessions.

Some examples of the posters presented are give below:

An Ecosystem Model Comparison on the Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf Using Data Assimilation.
Yongjin Xiao
Prize Winner
Death from Above: toxicity of atmospheric aerosols on marine phytoplankton. Katherine Mackey Phytoplankton community size structure within the southern Benguela upwelling system: a part modeling approach to its determinants and ecosystem impact.
Ffion Atkins

Hindcasting and predicting the andriatic sea ecosystem dynamis.

Emanuela Clementi

Socio-economic assessments for marine policy. Benjamin Boteler Toward a size-structured ecosystem model for the Beaufort Sea: data assimilation of zooplankton and vertical particle fluxes. Aleandre Forest Modeling of Tropical Pacific lagoon chlorophylla as coastal reef area health indicator: on the way of validation.
Rosali Fuchs
Air-sea flux of CO2 and eutrophication in the North Sea
Ina Lorkowski
Introduction3D coupled physical-biogeochemical modelling in a coastal areaStudy of Rhone River diluted water intrusion in Marseille‘s Bay
Marion Fraysse
Modelling the effects of deep convection of phytoplankton dynamics Christian Lindemann The role of micronektonic organisms in the Mozambique Channel
Louis Buisson
Modelling the biological carbon pump in the North Atlantic: A roadmap
V. Çağlar Yumruktepe
How will ocean warming affect the marine carbon cycle?
Jan Taucher
Global phytoplankton distributions:
Phaeocystis and coccolithophores
Colleen O’Brien
Projecting Climate-Induced Range Shifts of Fish in the North Seaand its Conservation Implications
Miranda Jones
Past and Future Effects of Harvest and Climate Change in Hudson Bay, Nunavut
Carie Hover
Temperature Influence on Phytoplankton Community Growth Rates
Elliot Sherman
Understanding the Ersem hindcast performance in the North Sea using linear regression
Lee de Mora